Questions & Answers

Definitely yes, the course is meant for

  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Innovative companies
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Funding agencies
  • Policy officers from public administration (regional, national and international)
  • Politicians and the general public with an interest in science and technology
  • Media (AV, on-line, press)
  • Multipliers
    • National Contact Points
    • Administrative bodies, incl. EU offices,external funding officers, etc.
    • Other types of consulting actors
    • Chief Scientific Officers (CFOs)
  • Programme users
    • Higher or secondary education
    • Private sector, incl. SMEs
    • Public bodies
    • Research organisations
    • Individual scientists and researchers-innovators
  • Administrative Staff
    • Legal and financial officers
  • Policy Makers
    • National and regional ministries
    • Funding organisations
  • Others/specialists
    • Evaluators,
    • Media,
    • Supranational and International Organisations (Research Networks based on supranational/international organizations, e.g. WHO (UN, health), CGIAR (agriculture), ASECNA (aeronautics)

There are no pre-requisites to use the platform. The platform is openly accessible for international researchers and organisations upon registration.

Yes, by completing the exit tests of the modules properly, you will get automatically a certificate.

You can submit your questions to the lecturer through the “Contact the lecturer” box. The lecturer will then share the answer with you on the email account that you used during your registration to the platform.

Each module features a set of materials that were compiled from various sources presented in the modules. There materials are freely accessible from the referred institutions' respective websites. Using/resharing or modifying these materials is subjected to the copyright rights of these institutions.