This introductory section of the Horizon 2020 - Open to the world! e-learning course will provide basic guidance for you. We will explain how the course is structured and what knowledge you can gain by completing the different modules. A simple set of exercises will provide an insight into the content you can expect to learn about throughout the course and you may also test your knowledge to see which sections of the course can support you the most.


Third and associated countries ranked according to the number H2020 projects they participate in

The basic modules address newcomers to H2020 and other EU R&I programmes. They aim to encourage future participation in these programmes. These modules provide a general introduction to the respective topics on the Research and Innovation landscape of the EU, the Horizon 2020 R&I framework programme, useful information sources and what networking opportunities third country participants can benefit from.

Advanced modules are tailored for an audience that is already familiar with the general idea of Horizon 2020 (i.e. the structure, rules for participation and technical requirements), and is ready to start proposal preparation. Get familiar with proposal writing and submission, financial aspects of the H2020 programme; the evaluation process of the proposals; grant agreement preparation issues; impact, exploitation and dissemination; and learn from regional best practices.